Your redzone ideas

We asked people to send us their ideas of what the land in the residential red zone could be used for. submit an idea »

Barkerton Park : Commence "Living Well Together". Enable restorative and rejuvenate sense of well-being when we value interspecies companionship and design acordingly. Citywide Dog trails to/from Porrit Park.
Blair Anderson — WAINONI
Turn the Dallington Red Zone area between Kerrs Reach and Bottle lake into a lake - used for general recreation, swimming, rowing, sailing canoing
Charlie — Cashmere
Bush walks and ponds. Area to look like Hagley Park . Unique playgrounds for kids. Not just the plastic playgrounds. Natural playgrounds,tree huts, slides on hills, hobbit play homes.
Melanie Glass — Bexley
Dredge from the Estuary through the rivers and clean the sludge out for the birdlife to come back tenfold
Jude Blake — Redcliffs
Parks, gardens, lakes, waterways for sport, develop the brighton beaches, and run trams from city to surf
Janet — Avondale
dredge out red zone,extend avon river throughout,build expensive riverside homes like the Gold coast area in OZ could become tourist drawcard
linda askin — tauranga
a dual walk/cycleway from the city to the sea,following the river,large parks and reserves along the way with picnic,play and sheltered areas.
michael robinson — avondale
Use the redzones for large community gardens. Teach kids vege gardening and decent cooking, and provide lots of free veges etc to the locals.
Alex — Avonhead
River park and reserve! Let's nurture a healthy river and surrounding habitat.
Sara Epperson — Papanui
Turn turn the area into a great sporting and recreational facility - walking, cycling, rowing etc - to help return the marathon route to the city along the river.
Bronwyn — Hororata
A major expansion of the rowing clubs. A venue for rowing and other water sports appropriate for international events.
Craig Rosengrave — Avondale
Seperate walk ways/cycle way with stops along the way describing places of interest. Recreational spaces, playgrounds, sports grounds, water features, linked from the city to sea. Accessible to everyone.
Sue McTague — Richmond
I would like to see parks and pathways and birdlife and trees. Enhance the natural environment and make it a place that draws people to it, connect city to sea
angeline wadsworth — dallington/shirley
The beautiful riverside environment is what we miss most in Avondale. So would love to see this restored again with walkways, cycleways, parks, community gardens, sports hubs and more.
Tracey Savage — Avondale
Yes please, a river park with cycle and walk ways from city to surf
Fay Chatfield — avonside
i would love to see a park along the whole of the avon. It makes up for the fact that i had to leave the area.
dorien pel — avonside
I am in total support for an Avon river park. I cannot think of a more fitting use for this land or a more poignant memorial for our city.
Hannah Bolton — Richmond
Bike/Cycle lane from the City to Brighton Kayak/Canoe racing venue (surburban lake) replanting of bush - walking tracks through them wetlands reconstruction Mountain bike tracks Dog friendly spaces Memorial Park (ashes/natural burial)
Neil — Christchurch Central
A River park, and lots of boats on the river! Green water corridor and interesting stopping off places. River barge. Wildlife tours.
Mary McCammon — New Brighton
The green areas beside waterways. Put in cycleways and walkways. Plant more trees. Try to keep flowers from red-zoned house frontages.
Gill Coe — St Martins
A large scale farmers market that will benefit both the buyer and grower. Also a reserve and native wetland area with walk and cycleways.
Korinda Lima — Christchurch
A park along the Avon, city to the sea with separate walking and cycling tracks. Picnic shelters with educational info as in Travis Wetlands. Free barbeque areas like Gold Coast.
B Clark — Linwood
I would be very happy to see this area set out as historic info sites and scenic picnic,& play areas with electic barbecues and seating etc.
Linda Lima — Avonside
Walkways and cycleways linking city to sea. Native trees and plants to enhance our garden city image. International class aquatic facilities for rowing and sailing to encourage tourism.
Lois Wood — Avondale
Please retain as many of the existing trees and gardens as possible during the demolitions. Our old home on New Brighton road has some wonderful big trees to be saved.
Felicity Drace — ex Burwood
A park/ reserve for education, relation, exploration and recreation. Both areas with natives and exotic planting. A cafe in the midst. Let grassed flood areas flood, graze sheep on
Betsie van de Koot — Richmond
open dual walk/cycleways with rest/picnic shaded) stops from the city to the end of the estuary linking the central city out to the coast.have open parks along the way.
michael robinson — avondale
Reserve park area for recreation, walkways, cycle way,sports, parks and the river used for water sports. BBQ areas, educational areas.
Lynne Ball — Pacific Park, Bexley
Cycle & walking tracks along river with lots of picnic tables, free gas bbqs, sun/rain shelters, photo boards showing what the area used to look like & commemorating previous residents.
Sarndra Gordon — Bexley
Develop a city to sea approach along the banks of both the Avon and Heathcote rivers, (avon in particular) embracing water sports and cycle pedestrian pathways.
Kirk Blumers — Parklands
Recreate the historic walk of Avonside Drive, River Road and Dallington Tce. Save the cradle of the Canterbury Settlement of 1850 - and the trees those settlers planted.
Jillian Jowitt — Avonside
I think all the houses should be pulled down and the land remain as parks or reserves for natural haditats, birds, wildlife, harakeke, toitoi etc
Junior Tana — Shirley
Create a water park where the whole of Canterbury can enjoy and participate in recreation both on and off the water, A unique oppurtunity which never present itself again.
Vaughan Utteridge — Parklands
A river park and reserve, leaving a legacy for future generations to enjoy honouring those that used to live within this community and a living memorial to lives lost.
Andrea Taylor — Parklands
Rebuild the walkway that has been destroyed.Promote the recreational use of the river and surrounds. Plant trees in the area.Cycleway city to sea. Ampitheatre for community events.Picnic areas.
Rebecca — Avondale
River park and wetlands to clean the water and provide healthy habitat for increased biodiversity. Cycleways and walkways to connect people with nature and the East with the city.
Michele Stevenson — Parklands
The red-zone river boundary needs to be a reserve/park with cycleways and walks for all to enjoy and to happen soon. No ghettos thanks.
Richard James — Avondale
The Red Zone should be made into a river park & reserve, & keep as many trees as possible. lt could be joined up to the wet lands at Travis Country.
Yvonne Cook — Avondale ( Evacuee )
For those of us left in Avondale we need our river walkways, cycleways and recreational areas & facilities . We need to feel we are still part of Christchurch!
Sue Amtman — Avondale
I love the idea of transforming the residential redzone along the river into a public park. It would help to regenerate East Christchurch and make it a popular desitination.
Lesley maclean — mt pleasant
Out-of-river international standard rowing course. Retro-fitting stormwater outlets as rain gardens or out-of river wetlands c.f. Janet Stewart reserve on Styx. Setbacks and riparian planting on tributaries. Walkways, cycleways.
Hugh Thorpe — St Albans
Please turn the red zone area around Avondale/Avonside/Dallington river into a river park and reserve, for the enjoyment of all locals and visitors
Rae Weir — Wigram
I have always held the opinion that red zoned land along the river banks should become a river reserve including a cycleway from central city to beach.
karen May Friedauer — Burwood
I would love the red zone of Avondale turned into a park where we could picnic and walk and see the area of what was our much loved area
Greta Adcock — Avondale
I support the Avon Otakaro river reserve BUT I would like the suburbs along the Avon given consideration for their ideas of what aspects they would like to have.
Linda Stewart, Chairperson Burwood — Parklands
After visiting Lake Bled in Slovenia I can see that we are in a unique position to widen the river and turn this into a first rate international rowing course.
pam tibble — avondale
Make Kerrs Reach into international standard rowing venue. sealed cycle and wheelchair width walkways. Have green picnic and bbq areas. Red area into public reserve not swamps river views.
Beverley Sparkes — Wainoni
convert Kerrs Reach to international standard rowing venue. Keep river bank unobstructed with views of river.Build sealed cycle and walkways suitable for wheelchairs. with green areas for picnics and bbqs
James Sparkes — Wainoni
Kerrs Reach Rowing Lake!
Kris — Avondale
Wide recreation space along the Avon river with cycle and walkways.
Cathy Sweet — New Brighton
A nature reserve and wetlands around the river, more parks, walkways and picnic areas like the groynes has in the eastern suburbs.
Marshall Johnston — Avondale
My old home has a huge palm tree which is a roost for hundreds of sparrows. Magnificent trees must be saved for our GREEN city. Retain this heritage as a riverside
Lyn McClure — Avondale
A river park and reserve.
Barry Dent — St Albans
The red zone along the Avon should become a reserve/park for all to use.
Robyn Beach — Rchmond
First an urban recycling yard instead of dumping good materials in land fills. Second a park and foraging reserve leaving the residents plants and gardens.
Marc Rose — Avondale
A Place full of native trees. Kahikatea would have thrived here and would look beautiful again. Think 200 years.
Jonathan Land — Christchurch
This land MUST become a river park and reserve. It will be a huge postitive to come out of the tragedy we have suffered
Tony Baird — Richmond
Use as reserve & river park. Cheaper than remediation, but better, make wonderful green place for Chch people and visitors to visit, &make pathway to coast.
Marjorie Smart — Riccarton
The whole network/river park is something I'd love to help build for my grandchildren!
John Peet — Mt Pleasant
The land should be used for a river park and reserve as worked on by the Avon Otakaro River Park initiative. The proposed link with the Coastal Pathway inspiring.
Katherine Peet — Mt Pleasant
Parks, native areas, large dog park, market gardens leased, recreational areas, earthquake tourist zone memory area by walkover bridge, sports zones
Graeme Spinks — Avonside
Showcase Christchurch city's Avon with generous areas of Canterbury indigenous vegetation. Continue what has been started at Carlton Mill. Look at the amazing sustainable biodiversity that has naturally developed.
Eleanor Bissell — Huntsbury
A park around the Avon would be great for schools in community to do nature projects. Plus for people to get active: walk, bike, loose weight, get healthy. Save environment.
Liesbeth van Bruchem — Richmond
Permanent farmers market - lightweight building, provides employment, brings people to city
Pat Mock — Brooklands
Please turn the land along the river into a park and reserve
Mark Christensen — Burnside
I would like to see a River Park planted in natives to create habitat for birds and lizards, and with a riverside walkway/cycle path.
Vanessa Green — Redcliffs
Land closest to river used for parks/recreation/cycleways. Land further back sold off for housing/recreation and money reinvested in separate cycleways or civic facilities in rest of ChCh.
A. Talbot — St Albans
Parklands and waterways. Native plantings and wetlands. A natural path linking the city to the sea, whether by bike, boat or foot. Cafes and boatsheds along the river.
Sue Davidson — South Brighton
I'd like to see the river areas become a nature reserve with native plantings to encourage bird life, where people can enjoy biking, canoeing, picnics etc.
Rachel — Cashmere
An inspiring, calming, soulful reserve where our native flora and fauna can flourish, and where people of all ages can engage with the natural environment and with each other.
Lou Warren — Diamond Harbour
A green space/park along the river, some left wild, some 'developed' in different ways, keeping as many trees as possible from the former sections.
Clare Devereux — Linwood
After a major flood in 1972, a large area along Hay Creek was made into a park-now a popular and very attractive part of the community. Just do it!
Chip Karasin — Birdsboro, PA
A park along the banks of the Avon for informal recreation and also, in places, for community gardens and orchards.
Dave Evans — Waltham
Green space, bush & park, with room to walk & cycle from city to sea along the river. Community food growing areas further from the river.
Di Tanner — christchurch central
Keep the old streetsigns. A riverside park. Cyclepaths from Brighton to the CBD. Children's playgrounds, cafes/pubs, sculpture, along the way so you can make a family daytrip.
clare marshall — south brighton
Create a park, with some flood prone areas returned to wetland, mature trees saved where possible and historic buildings kept as community centres ,cafes or restaurants .
Lynne Lochhead — Fendalton
a river park, with both walking / running tracks & biking tracks, extending boatting on Avon all the way to estuary, with jetties along river, with open space and trees
sharon minchington — new brighton
I suggest that the red zone land be turned into a city to sea park with native trees and walkways for the public.
James — Spreydon
We need a river park with walking and cycleways from Sumner, around the estuary to the Avon River and continuing to Hagley Park. This would be a tourist attraction
Lindsay Jeffs — Mt. Pleasant
Please have a reserve by the eastern Avon, incorporating areas of deserted gardens and showcasing natives to Canterbury. Joy for the Easterners and a tourist attraction
Anne Smith — Hoon Hay
The redzone along the Avon should become a permanent reserve for the enjoyment of all.
Bill Willmott — Richmond
The redzone along the Avon should become a permanent reserve, combining facilities for boating, cycling, walking with places preserving the heritage of gardens and houses with native reserves and wetlands.
Diana Madgin — Richmond
a river park and reserve
Megan — opawa
The lower Avon River needs to become a reserve with sections that enhance the return of wildlife and others with clear passive recreation facilities.
Rex Gibson — Avonhead
Widen Kerrs Reach into a rowing lake. The red zone should be turned into a park/nature reserve.
Ewout van Bruchem — Richmond
River banks planted in natives. Some land reverted to swamp. Encouragement of original wildlife. community sports facilities on stable land. Preserve historic buildings for community.
Juliet Neill — Lyttelton
river park with cycle and walkways, birdlife, historic markers, native and exotic plants, recreational areas for outdoor sports.
kaylene worrall — heathcote
A mix of natives, wetlands, food producing areas, community recreation and green transport corridors
David Moorhouse — St Albans
Implement the river park and reserve idea that is being touted. The concept and plans are already in place--just adopt and implement!
Bob Manthei — Central City
Natural We have visited Christchurch twice to visit our son, AvON should become river park and reserve. New Zealand should lea d the way inaintaining itsnatural
Margaret Olive Curtis — Aylesbury
An international water sports facility; recreational areas particularly accessible to people with impaired mobility issues and a centrally located farmers & producers market.
Kay — Redwood
A continuous park from the CBD to Brighton beach. Following the Avon, ie on both sides with trees, parks, community gardens and a wide commuter and family friendly cycle path.
Anthony Field — Spreydon
A river park, city to sea. Cycling, horses, walking, skaters, sports. Save the mature trees, lots of gardens and wetlands. Historic homes kept for cafes etc.
Elizabeth — Sumner
Community gardens for growing food, parks, cycleways, walking paths. It would be nice to retain existing gardens and trees.
Stephanie Turner — Roimata
A park linking the city to the sea. A place where people can enjoy an urban nature environment with walking and cycling tracks, canoeing/rowing, community gardens and picnic areas.
Will Allen — Roimata
Open space - parkland -a green corridor from the city to the sea - incorporating paths, plantings, community gardens water features and the EQ memorial.
John Adams — Somerfield
River park with lots of native trees, wetlands, walking & cycling tracks, farmers market, arts and earthquake memorials. Give it back to nature and the people of Christchurch
Jessica — Papanui
A river park and nature reserves
John — bromley
I would like to see Bexley turned into a mini Hagley Park, with both Exotic and Native trees, walkways & picnic area's to acknowledge the community that lived here.
Aileen and Tony Trist — Bexley
would be so nice to have this for my kids and i to enjoy the outdoors.. I am sure it will be well used
Vince Thompson — Redwood
i think it would such a wonderful assets to have for our cities children - such a great space for families
Kim Thompson — Redwood
A mixed used green zone - ecology zone, water park, sports parks, allotments, cycle ways and walk ways, canoe lauchning spots..
Neil Challenger — Cashmere
Turn lands and waters into a natural open landscape with recreation, cafes and flowers. Run a tram from the City to Brighton with stops in Red Zone.
Ann Kennedy — Papanui
Retain all the large trees; wetlands; native trees; a lake for model yachts; trails for walking, running, biking; icecream cart; wide open spaces for kiteflying; information boards;
Jan Thomson — Brookhaven
Nature reserve, food forest full of various fruit & nut trees mixed with natives, and community gardens.
Dane McColl — St Martins
Let the land return to the swamp and mahi kainga it once was. Scatter seeds and let the land feed us.
fanny — avonside
Native plantings, cycle ways and walkways ( not concrete as this is jarring underfoot and creates run off). Have a long term goal of increasing native biodiversity.
Roseanna — Ilam
how about a few extra dog parks?
Debbie — richmond
The Avon River really is the heart of Christchurch and without question needs to be preserved as a green, unbuilt on park type reserve from the city to the ocean.
Bob Tanner — Central Christchurch.
Christchurch Memorial Park. Monuments, relocated historic and partially damaged buildings for posterity. Walk and cycle paths from city to sea. Includes mature existing trees, native and exotic shrubs. Picnic/playgrounds.
Cecile Murphy — Parklands
A river park and a reserve on all of this land. This opportunity to create beauty from adversity must not be lost.
Adele Wilkinson — Christchurch 8971
The area should be returned to what it was prior to being housing. Commercial gardening, paddocks of farmland, sheep, cattle, and horses. A great place for pre employment training etc
Derek Dean Chair Dallington Residen — Dallington
Make it into a nature reserve. It will make Christchurch a unique city worth visiting for international visitors and not just a hub to get out of asap.
Jaimita — Beckenham
A recreational haven. More wetlands for birds and expanded waterways for rowing, canoeing etc. Cycle tracks on both sides of the river and scenic parks for picnics along the way.
Amy Cummins — Burwood
incorporate existing trees and gardens into parks, create areas of food - producing trees for community use. Turn wetlands into reserves with walkways and education facilities.
Lesley — Hoon Hay
The land developed into parklands,walkways/adjoining cycleway from city to sea. Parklands, wildlife, trees,wild areas. Sporting facilities ground permitting. Creative earthquake memorial.
Jill O'Brien — Burwood
A mix of parkland, saving existing mature trees, community gardens, historic homes re-used as community amenities, native revegetation, walking tracks, children's play areas and cycle route from sea to city.
Jane Batchelor — Ilam
Park, cycle ways, walk ways, existing trees, bird life, green space.
Sarah — Bryndwr
Keep the former St Pauls Parish as halfway point between city and sea. A carpark on Gayhurst Road and parkland and seating on Dallington Terrace with directions for walkways.
Pauline Clifford — Dallington
Respect the natural origins of the city by returning it to an environmentally important wetland and park area, creating a recreation and tourism asset for the city.
Richard — Beckenham
Part of it should be made into a memorial park - with a wall with the names of the people that were killed in the earthquake.
Karena — Wainoni
Park lands, wetlands, community gardens, cycle trails and walking tracks. A green corridor to bring the birds back into the city.
Jo Drysdall — Linwood
A nature reserve and park. It's the only thing that makes sense. With rising sea levels and VERY prone to earthquake damage it would be crazy to build on it.
Charles Drace — Redwood
A legislated permanent reserve - benefits for ecology, landscape, tourism and the mental and physical wellbeing of residents, both nearby and citywide
Lynda Burns — Somerfield
A great rowing, kayaking facility. Cycle trails both sides of the river. Make the rest parkland - lots of trees
Chris Rossiter — Sumner
The riverside areas should be turned into riverside parks or Reserve lands for the preservation of biodiversity and avoidance of future risk to any buildings on these lands.
M J Yorke — Bryndwr
Turn red zone land around the Avon into a river park & reserve. A healthy habitat would attract locals & tourists & serve as a memorial to what's been lost.
Debbie Gillespie — Burwood
A park linking the city to the sea. Great for recreation, biodiversity and the health of the city.
Tom Taylor — Halswell
Expand Horseshoe forest with predator fence. Return Bexley to wetlands, park from city to sea, keep the trees and add natives. Sports, boats, playgrounds, coffee and icecream vans.
Penny — Bryndwr
A river park encouraging wildlife and visits to the city through recreation, culture and tourism.
Philippa Lane — Russley
The area should be turned over for community garden use, with walking and cycling tracks added
Judith Lance — Hoon Hay
An extensive parkland, with board walks, nature walks, native plantings, and recreational and fitness facilities involving the land and the river.
Liz van Montfort — Richmond
A nature reserve where individuals and families can enjoy walking and cycling tracks, wildlife, gardens, picnic areas, a farmers market and vertical gardens.
Alexandra Frank — St Albans
The land that borders the river ,must become a park,for all people to enjoy.
SELWYN EAGLE — Dallington
A place of natural recreational beauty. Trees : Native evergreens that l encourage bird life and provide food.
owen dryland — nth brighton
A huge park and reserve for future generations to enjoy a natural setting in an urban surrounding.
andrea murray — cashmere
Make Christchurch one of the most amazing tourist attraction in the world, mixed with all the other suggestions. community gardens, Horse treking city to sea. Job creation.
Grant Lyon — Was Addington
A park with recreational facilities (rowing / kayaking / cycling). Am missing my huge walnut tree!
Chantal Rosenhart — Evacuee from Avonside
Fruit and nut trees, community gardens, cycle and walk ways keep existing trees where possible.
chrys — Halswell
A stretch of the river designed for world class rowing and dragon boating
Lis Stevenson — Burwood
A wetlands for wildlife, trees and people, all the way from the city to the sea, unprecedented in the world.
Kathy Gillard and Philip Tew — Ilam.
Tourists come here to visit our unique landscapes and wildlife according to Lincoln Uni. Work with that.
Jeff Knewstubb — Bexley
A river park reserve with an emphasis on ecology and recreation, including a dual purpose lake for sports and stormwater retention.
Mark — New Brighton
As a former Avonside Drive resident for many years I want to see the river bank, trees and paths turned into a park with cycle and walking paths.
Bev MacDonald — Somerfield
Community gardens, fruit and nut trees, walking, cycling, equestrian arena, bicycle hire (like in Hanmer Springs) cafes using local produce, small hotels, bed and breakfast, viewing platforms.
Hazel Ashton — Central Business District
Make a safe and family friendly reserve with plenty of playgrounds and cycle ways. Keep all the remaining trees that are in the red zone properties.
Stephanie Haskell — Linwood
We want to see the flood plain, also known as the red zone, returned to wetland reserves, with opportunities for recreational and sporting activities for the benefit of Christchurch.
new brighton project — New Brighton
The Red Zone lands around the Avon River should be developed into a park for walking, cycling, and running, retaining as many existing trees as possible.
Beryl Brice — Papanui
I believe the red zone area along the Avon River should be turned into river park and nature reserve -- a public green belt linking the city to the sea.
Matt Scott — Waltham
Cycle and walkways. Native plantings, a wetland. Places for people to meet. Information show history of the area. AvON have done a great job with their plans.
Toni Watts — Somerfield
I fully support the efforts of the AvON group. We have an opportunity to make a fabulous park/wetland/recreation area for all Christchurch residents to enjoy.
Rosemary Hopgood — Was an Avonside Resident
It would be great if it could be park land for residents and tourists and also community run vegetable gardens to make Christchurch more sustainable.
K McAra — Waimairi Beach
A regional parkway/wetland restoration along the Avon, including equestrian facilities in Horseshoe Lake Loop. The Avon should be developed for rowing/water sports. Cycleways / MTB tracks through out.
Rodney Chambers — Hornby
Create a River Park Reserve with native plantings, fruit trees, local markets, community gardens and Art. Cycling, walking, swimming, rowing. Greenway to the CBD.
Frank — Papanui
AvON have done a lot of good work following their plans would great also Horse shoe lake to become Lake horse shoe
Gail Pringle — Horse shoe lake
I would like to see the Avon river cleaned up and Trout fishing alongside the cafes.
Grant Lyon — Was Addington
A nature reserve with passive recreational areas incorporating walking and cycling tracks. Reflect the natural heritage of the city and river with the human history of the area.
Denise Ford — Aranui/Bexley
A River Park to the sea, incorperating native/exotic planting, community gardens, cycle/walk/horse paths, historical/community/picnic areas, Wildlife/Educational centres wetlands, saltmarshes.
Karen whitla — Cracroft
We should be saving all trees / shrubs / fruit trees and encouraging Community Gardens Groups to look after As well we should develop /cycleways walkways from City to The Sea.
Graeme Stanley — AVONSIDE
Reserve, Gardens, Cafes, Wildlife, Markets, Native Platings, Parks, Significant landmarks (remaining), Sports, Arts, Culture, you name it, the area would be great for all to utilise and enjoy :)
Vicki — Richmond
Return the area to nature. Plenty of walking and cycling paths.
A connected nature /wetland/ similar to Groynes network where people from the suburbs can come to to relax. Canoeing, rowing, festivals. Remember in a growing city nature is imperative.
Phil — Prebbleton
I think we could provide moorings in parts of the lower Avon for houseboats, small modestly priced accomodation(no need to pay for land) as on the canals of Amsterdam.
Tom Ledger — formerly Bexley
dual riverside cycle and walkway from the estuary to the city with open rest ares and picnic spots.
michael robinson — avondale
Set some area aside for community gardens - like allotments in England
Alicia — Phillipstown
The land should become / return to river parklands with walking and biking tracks and different gardens and playgrounds for all to enjoy
Michelle — Southshore
How about an outdoor sound arena for concerts
John — North Linwood
Model on Kew Gardens, regattas, boat races, outdoor festivals and plays, farmer's markets, concerts, Maori and Pacific Island festivals - use the remaining beauty and space to maximum advantage.
Linda — Burwood
I would like to see these areas go back to nature and become reserves. Make some picnic areas for families to enjoy with boating, canoeing like The Groynes.
Glenis Youngman — North New Brighton