Thomas Kent
The Cressy

Original information:
Thomas Kent (1827-1915) was 23 when he emigrated to Canterbury with his wife Mary (24), son Edward (1848-1920), and seemingly his brother Joseph Kent (17), also a carpenter. Records show that Thomas was an enthusiastic Oddfellow and a carpenter. In 1900 he was living at St Albans Street, Christchurch. Edward went on to own a furniture and upholstery business in Oxford Terrace.


POSTED BY: Andrew Gee : June 20, 2011

This is more of a query than additional information.  I was walking by Barbadoes Cemetery post the earthquake and came upon the fallen monument to Thomas Kent PPMG Died 8th July 1910 aged 83.  Upon discovering what PPGM (Past Provincial Grand Master)  meant I learned that Thomas Kent was highly involved in the Oddfellows societies of Christchurch.  Further cross referencing led me to this site where I see the reported death of Thomas Kent of The Cressy was 1915 aged 88.     Is there an error or do we have two Thomas Kents both of whom were involved in Oddfellows societies in Christchurch.   I have hopefully uploaded an image of the fallen memorial in question.     Just intrigued.....  regards Andrew Gee.    Memorial to Thomas Kent PPMG
POSTED BY: Sarndra Lees : October 07, 2012

Further to the Lodge query above, this is the obituary for Thomas KENT.

His death notice including address


Another obituary ...scroll when on page.

He does not appear on the Christchurch City Council cemeteries database but i suspect he may be buried in one of the Lyttelton cemeteries.