George R Hart
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Original information:
George Hart (1841-1911) was nine when he emigrated to Canterbury with his family (see Michael Brennan Hart). George joined the Canterbury Standard newspaper and was a compositor. In 1900, he was apparently living at The Press Co, Christchurch.


POSTED BY: Sanda Gwenneth Hart : September 11, 2008
George Robert Hart, eldest son of Michael Brannon Hart (early Mayor of Christchurch), had two sons and 8 daughters.  I have a photo of the family group with his wife.  He worked for the Press for 40 years, and the book of the Centennary of the Press shows a picture of him and a little about him.  He has a long geneaology.  For more info contact me, Sandra Hart on (03) 384 7896
POSTED BY: Alexandra Gilbert : December 03, 2011
George R HART is buried in Linwood Cemetery Block24 Plot 64.