George William Pickering
The Cressy

Original information:
George William (J. W. on the passenger lists) (1832-1913) migrated to Canterbury alone when he was 18. In 1900, he was living in Colombo Street, Sydenham. He had apparently resided at this address for 46 years.


POSTED BY: Dave Emery : October 30, 2006

George William Pickering is my Great Great Grandfather.

After arriving on board the Cressy he walked over the Port Hills and slept his first night near Riccarton Bush. He stay in New Zealand 10 years before returning to England.

While there he married Susan Jane Kemp of Wattlefield, Wyndham, Norfolk in 1863 before returning to New Zealand in 1866 with wife and small daughter, Elizabeth Alice aged 2 years, (my Great Grand Mother).

George and Susan had a total of 8 Children. Elizabeth Aice (b 1864 d 1932), George William (b 1867), Matilda (Tillie) (b 1865 d 1964), Herbert (b 1869 d 1874 from Diptheria). Alfred (b 1871), Lucy (b 1874), Winifred (b 1879), Leonard (b 1886 d 1886 lived 3 days)

The rest of Georges life was spent in Sydenham where he owned 5 acres. He died in 1913 aged 81 years, a few days after his golden wedding anniversary.