Mrs E Patten (nee Mouldey)
The Cressy

Original information:
Mrs Patten (possibly spelt Patton) nee Mouldey was living in Worcester Street in 1900 (see Edwin Coxhead Mouldey). It is difficult to tell which of the Mouldey girls she was.

Readers' response:
This is Phoebe Patten nee Mouldey. Phoebe married Henry Patten, a tailor, in 1867.1  The spelling is Patten. A family member suggests that Patten Street in Linwood is named after the family, possibly Henry.

A reader has suggested that Henry Mouldey was living in Christchurch and not Palmerston North, as stated under the entry for E. C. Mouldey.2

To clarify, Henry Mouldey, Elizabeth’s brother, was living in Palmerston North in 1900, and Henry Patten, Elizabeth’s husband, was living with her in Worcester Street. Henry Patten, according to a family member, served as a city councillor at some time.


1: Information supplied by Alan Tunnicliffe
2: Lester Tomlinson, unpublished family history


POSTED BY: Alexandra Gilbert : December 03, 2011
Pheobe PATTEN is buried in Linwood Cemetery Block 33 Plot 235.