Henry Cleaver
The Cressy

Original information:
Henry Cleaver was five when he migrated to Canterbury with his parents, Henry (1818-1905), an agricultural labourer, and Emma (30), and his siblings Eliza (9), Mary (7), and Charles (infant). It seems the family moved to Woodend, as Henry became a farmer there.

Readers' response:
A number of family members say this is Henry Cleaver Sen. − Henry Jun. died in 1896. Henry emigrated from Cubbington, Warwickshire, with his wife Emma, who died in 1899. He was 82 at the time of the photo, and his daughters are in front of him.1 

Upon arriving, the Cleaver family lived in a dugout on the Port Hills. According to the birth records of his children, Henry and his family lived in the Papanui area from 1852-1856 and his occupation was labourer.

From c. 1856 until at least 1859, Henry was apparently farming at Kaiapoi Island.  After the death of his wife, Henry went to live with his eldest daughter, Eliza, at Woodend. Henry died in 1905, aged 87, and is buried in St Barnabas’ Anglican cemetery, Woodend. The Cleaver family stayed mainly in North Canterbury, where there are still descendants.2


1: Pamela Criglington, unpublished family history
2: Pamela Criglington, unpublished family history