Frederick Allen
The Cressy

Original information:
Frederick Allen was 10 when he emigrated to Canterbury with his parents, Robert (33), an excavator, and Mary (35), and sister Mary (3). Fred was, according to records, a coachman-cab driver. In 1900, he was living at 9 Madras Street, Christchurch.

Readers' response:
According to the family, Robert and Mary had a daughter, Eliza, who was born in early January 1851, in Lyttelton. The family has been told that Eliza was the first child born after the arrival of the First Four Ships, but have been unable to confirm this.

According to a family member, Frederick (known as Fred) Allen (1840-1922) had four sons and one daughter, Jack or John, Frederick, Henry, Mary and Robert. The sons evidently kept the cab business going.

Fred apparently died when he was hit by someone or something fell on him and he hit his head on the pavement. His cab rank was outside the old DIC shop.1


1:Brian Batie, unpublished family history