Sarah Evans
The Cressy

Original information:
Sarah Evans was 23 when she emigrated to Canterbury with her family (see Robert Evans). In 1900, Sarah and her husband Robert were living in Rangiora.

Readers' response:
The couple married on December 25, 1845, at the parish church, Parish of St Mary, Newington, Surrey. Sarah was the daughter of James John Kitchener, an ovenbuilder, and Caroline nee Darbon/Darben, and she had at least four siblings.

Sarah and Robert Evans arrived in Canterbury with two children, Richard (2) and Lucy (infant − Mrs Pawsey in the photo). After arriving they had more children, many of them dying young.

Sarah was born in 1827 in Surrey, England, and died on May 22, 1906, in Rangiora of influenza.  Robert was born in 1826 in Newington, Surrey, England, and died on May 20, 1911, at Kaiapoi. Robert and Sarah are buried in St John’s Anglican cemetery in Ashley Street, Rangiora.1


1: Sarndra Lees, unpublished family history