Charles T Dudley
The Cressy

Original information:
Charles T. Dudley (1843-1929) migrated from Surrey to Canterbury when he was seven with his parents, Rev Benjamin Woolley Dudley (1805-1892), a chaplain, and Mrs Dudley, and siblings Benjamin Thornton (1839-1901), Frances (10), and Henry (1845-1904). Rev Dudley was the chaplain on the Cressy.

The family spent some time in Barrack C, Room 7 before buying a 50-acre block (RS40) on the hill along the Bridle Path. The family had the land surveyed and then auctioned off about nine acres. At some point, the family moved to Rangiora, where Rev Woolley was a clergyman from 1860-1887.

According to records, Charles bought a farm at Leeston, then became a farm manager, then bought more land at Longbeach. In 1900, he was living in Christchurch. His brother Benjamin became an archdeacon and moved to Auckland, and Henry became a rector and moved to Gossip, England.


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Biography in 'Cyclopedia of New Zealand' - Canterbury edition printed 1903 page 755 with wife and children details