Samuel Delabere Barker
The Charlotte Jane

Original information:
Samuel Delabere Barker (1848-1901) was two when he migrated with his parents, Dr Alfred Barker (1819-1873) and Emma (30), and siblings Arthur Llewellyn (1849-1938), farmer, and Richard (1846-1891).

Dr Alfred Barker was a general practitioner and is famous for the photographs he took, which are housed in the Canterbury Museum.

Samuel became a librarian for the Supreme Court and in 1900 was living in Christchurch; he died there in 1901. Brother Richard became a farmer and in 1900 was living in Ohapi.

His other brother, Arthur, also became a farmer and in 1900 was living in Winchester.


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There is a detailed biography of Sam Barker in the NZ Botanical Society newsletter no.34 December 1993.  It can be read at http://www.landcareresearch.co.nz/research/biosystematics/plants/documents/Godley1993BarkerSD.pdf

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Buried in Linwood Cemetery Block5, Plot 1