Elizabeth Bergh (nee Marley)
The Charlotte Jane

Original information:
Mrs Bergh, nee Elizabeth Marley, came to Canterbury when she was three with her parents, William, a carpenter (34), and Mary (37). Her younger sister, Mary Ann (infant), died on September 6, 1850, one day before departure.

William was associated with the College at Christchurch, and is said to have lived with his wife and child in a cave dug out of the hillside, which he had roofed with carpet and lined with boxwood. In 1900, Elizabeth apparently lived on Ferry Road, Christchurch.

Readers' response:
Elizabeth Bergh married Ludwig Bergh (1848-January 7, 1895), an ironmonger from Norway, on December 16, 1872, at St Johns Church, Christchurch. Ludwig drowned on January 7, 1895, at Sumner Beach after suffering a heart attack.1 

The Berghs were partners in the Christchurch firm of Ashley Bergh & Co, High Street.

According to the family the couple had eight children (four girls and four boys) − these included William Henry Marley (September 21, 1873-November 1904), Frederikke Marie (b. June 29, 1875), Otto Valentine (b. February 13, 1882), Hidur Olava (b. August 28, 1883), Jane Augusta (b. August 29, 1885), Harold Sigurd (b. September 20, 1887) and Haakon L. (1891-May 1915).2

Elizabeth owned several properties in Christchurch. In 1900, she was living in Ferry Road, where she stayed until her death in 1920. The couple are buried in the public cemetery.3 It is believed by a family member that Marley’s Hill and Marley View Street are named after her father, William Marley.

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POSTED BY: Alexandra Gilbert : April 14, 2010
Buried in Linwood Cemetery Block 12 Plot 12
POSTED BY: Kirk Martin : September 03, 2011
The name of the Ludwig's business was Ashby Bergh & Co. (Not Ashley Bergh & Co. as mentioned above). The main store was at 217 High St., ChCh
POSTED BY: Kirk Martin : September 07, 2011
The child not listed above is Voilet Elizabeth (my great grandmother). Voilet was born on 5 August 1880, and passed away on 2 April 1918
POSTED BY: Susan Francis : May 15, 2015
Elizabeth's husband's name is spelt Ludvig. Her daughter Hildur Olava Bergh was my grandmother who was born 1884 and passed away 13th February 1970, aged 86.