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This may be Ann (nee Dixon), who in 1900 lived in Loburn. If so, see Mrs Kingsbury.

Readers' response:
A family member has confirmed that this is Mrs Joseph Barker nee Ann Dixon (August 9, 1840-March 12, 1906). On September 24, 1862, she married Joseph Barker (1829-1910) and lived at Barkers Road, Loburn.1

Joseph and Ann had four sons and four daughters. Two of the girls, Lily and Maude, lived at the Barkers Road property for many years.2


1: Bernard Kingsbury, unpublished family history
2: Alister Anderson, unpublished family history


POSTED BY: Joy Kingsbury-Aitken : October 10, 2009
According to the records in the Barker family Bible, Ann Dixon married Joseph Barker on 24 September 1862.  The Bible records the following children born to them: Amy Blanch, Edmond Alfred, Annie Elsie, Ida Amerlia, Walter Dixon, Henry Bloom, George Wilfred, Emily, and Frances Maud, Albert Stanley.  The only daughter to marry was Annie Elsie. Her married name is recorded as Martin. Family legend has it that on his death bed Joseph had his spinster daughters promise not to marry. Whether there is any truth to this story is of course unknown.  Lily Barker was not a daughter of Ann and Joseph's but a daughter-in-law.  After the death of her husband George, she and her sister-in-law Maud continued to farm the property on Barkers Road in Loburn, with the help of their cousin, Doug Kingsbury, until retiring to Rangiora.  Maud lived into her nineties. 
POSTED BY: : December 30, 2011
i can confirm that the Mrs Barker who is in the 1900 photo taken by The Press was Ann Dixon. She is my paternal great grandmother and her son Albert Stanley was my grandfather. His son Walter Stanley George was my father (born 21 December 1921, died 31 December 1992). My name is Lynne Christina Agnew (nee Barker) and I was born 11 October 1958 to Walter Stanley George Barker and Edith Mae Barker (nee Thomas).

I have a photo of the Joseph Barker family group taken outside their homestead (in Barkers Rd?) showing the same woman seated next to Joseph, with her daughter Maude seated next to her. (When I was a child, I visited Aunty Maude when she was living at the Archer Memorial Home in Colombo Street, Beckenham, Christchurch.) Other members of the family who are in this photo are Ida, Amie, Goerge and Henry, as well as my grandfather Albert Stanley.

My grandfather and his wife Edith lived in a small house in Kippenberger Avenue, Rangiora. I visited them here when I was a child.

I remember my father talking of his cousin, Doug Kingsbury. He is no doubt related somehow to the Mrs Kingsbury who was responsible for the post on this website. My aunties, Elsie Oulton & Edith Spurway, who are sisters of my father Wally, both live in Hamilton. They are in their 80s.

I would be keen for some contact with any relatives.

Lynne Agnew (Mrs)
Phone 03 5789704