Samuel Horrell
The Charlotte Jane

Original information:
Samuel Horrell (1850-1923) migrated to Canterbury as an infant from Foxhole, Devonshire, with his parents, John, an agricultural machinist (1821-1897), and Elizabeth* (24).

Elizabeth, along with John Bilton, opened the Church Commercial School in Christchurch. In February 1851, John went to Bendigo to work as a builder on the goldfields; he returned in November 1851.

According to records, John selected good farming land on Murphy’s Run and then moved to Morrinsville.
It seems that Samuel farmed part of Murphy’s Run then moved to the North Island. At some stage Samuel returned to Canterbury − in 1900 he was living in Horrelville, West Eyreton.


POSTED BY: Bernard Kingsbury : October 18, 2006
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