C J W Cookson
The George Seymour

Original information:
C. J. W. Cookson emigrated to Canterbury alone, and in 1900 was living in Lyttelton.


POSTED BY: Kevin Gray : May 30, 2007
Cookson married the youngest daughter of Dugald Macfarlane [also a "Sir George Seymour" passenger], Maryann [Marion] Rubina [Robina]. This caused a bit of a stir amongst the establishment. (She would later run off with CJW's business partner, Preston Webber, to Tasmania. Whilst she was married to CJW they had six children, 5 girls (1 set of twins) and a boy). Cookson started farming at Dagnam, on the north bank of the Waimakariri eventually selling out to Joseph Pearson. He also farmed in Timaru. He spent his later years living at Henry Tipping's house at Ashley [Henry Tipping, who was a son of Francis Tipping, married CJW's daughter Amy].