Esther Wornall
The George Seymour

Original information:
Esther Wornall (died January 23, 1909) was 29 when she emigrated to New Zealand with her husband and sons (see G.A.Wornall).


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Press, Volume LXV, Issue 13332, 26 January 1909, Page 7
MRS ESTHER WORNALL one of the pilgrims to arrive by the first four ships. Mrs Wornall, who died at Leithfield on Saturday, came in the third vessel, which dropped anchor in Lyttelton harbour on December 17th 1850 with her husband, the late Mr Samuel Wornall, she came from Wicklow, Ireland, and when the up-country roads were being formed nine years later, they had reached Leithfield to settle upon the land. Mrs Wornall has been credited with being the first European woman to take up her residence north of Saltwater Creek. From a family of nine sons and daughters, there are about one hundred descendants. At the advanced age of eighty eight, Mrs Wornall died at the residence of one of her sons-in-law. Mr J. S. Ashby. The funeral, which, was numerously attended, took place yesterday in the cemetery grounds at Balcairn.