Eliza Thacker
The George Seymour

Original information:
Eliza Thacker was 30 when she emigrated to Canterbury with her husband John (1825-1896). The couple initially went to Barrack 1, Room A, before John was appointed Association Storekeeper at Christchurch.

By early April 1851, John had established a jetty at The Bricks, setting up as a timber merchant and commission agent. He then bought the large decked sailing lighter Elizabeth for the Lyttelton-Avon trade. In 1852,

Thacker, who was a trained printer, published a rival to The Lyttelton Times, the weekly Guardian and Canterbury Observer, but lack of patronage forced its closure.At some point, the Thackers bought 7500 acres at Okains Bay and moved there. According to sources, in 1900 Eliza and a Miss Agnes Thacker  were living in Okains Bay.

Readers' response:
According to a family member, the name Eliza is incorrect − Mrs Thacker’s first name was Essy.1


1: Marise Thacker, unpublished family history