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Original information:
Phillip Laraman, an agricultural labourer (1832-1917), emigrated to Canterbury on his own, aged 18. Records show that Phillip was an “expert fencer and shearer’’ and a farmer in Templeton. In 1900, he reportedly lived in Rakaia.

Readers' response:
Phillip Laraman lived at Rakaia from December 1880. Ten of his children attended Rakaia School, with three of his sons on the roll there until around 1930.1


1:Information supplied by Audrey Donn


POSTED BY: Aaron Clark : October 14, 2006
On 13 Sep 1865, Phillip married Mary Ann Cox (b.1849 Northamptonshire, England) at St Peter's Anglican Church, Christchurch, New Zealand. They had 13 children. Mary was the daughter of Samuel Cox & Alice Sophia (nee Wrighton.) Mary is buried in the Rakaia Cemetery. The couple had 13 children in total.
POSTED BY: Beth Begg : October 28, 2006

This is the information that I have about Philip T. LARAMAN

Philip Thomas LARAMAN married Mary Ann COX on 13/9/1865 in Christchurch

Philip Thomas LARAMAN is buried in Rakaia cemetary R040817 plot 252 Anglican section interred 21/2/1917 aged 80

Mary Ann is also buried in Rakaia R040226 plot 198 anglican section interred 21/8/1926.

There son Philip Ethelbert (BERT) LARAMAN is buried at Rakaia R040715 plot 249 anglican section interred 1/10/1915 aged 43

and there is a Philip Ethelbert LARAMAN R040311 plot 200 Anglican section aged 11 months (i believe this is Philip (Bert) 's son)

My Great,great grandmother was a daughter of Philip Thomas LARAMAN & Mary Ann nee COX, her name was Annie Mabel Laraman and she married Frederick Hugh SAUNDERS on the 7/3/1888 at St Marks in Rakaia.

Nb I question readers response that Philip had children at Rakaia School in the 1930's as he had died in 1917 in his 80's 

POSTED BY: Jean Laraman : November 29, 2006

My great grandfather was Philip Thomas Laraman. He was an expert shearer and fencer, he was at Gabriels Gully and used to carry the mail over the Port Hills, he spoke Maori fluently and at one stage owned land on the main Street in Christchurch. Although the records put him at 18 on arrival,he was actually only 13/14.

He was also a witness in the famous McKenzie trial of the sheep stealer.

POSTED BY: Linda Hendry : December 20, 2006
I am researching the name of Laraman in Kent, England.  Philip Thomas Laraman was baptised at St Mary of Charity Parish Church, Faversham on 29 January 1837, parents Thomas Laraman and Ann Sparrow.  Thomas and Ann were married on 7 Mar 1831 in St Mary of Charity, Faversham.
POSTED BY: Marlene owen nee Laraman : January 27, 2007
Re Philip Thomas three sons at Rakaia school around 1930 Philip's son Frederick {my grandfather] had three son's. Philip Kennedy [Ken] Born 31.10.1912 Died 19.07.1994.[ my Father.] George Frederick " 21.05.1914 " 08.1972. Eric Herbert " 03.10.1915 " 04.05.1990. These three Grandson's of Philip Thomas did go to the Rakaia school, I don't think any later than 1925. I would think it was Philip's grandson's above not son's. Whom are the only grandson's I can find to carry on the Laraman name in the PHILIP THOMAS LARAMAN branch of the family. Ken- has one son Kenneth Philip, grandson Rhys Robert. Eric- has one son Francis Eric, grandson Brent Joseph, great-grandson Joseph James. Would be interested to hear of any other's with the name Laraman in this branch of the family.
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Philip Thomas Laraman was the son of Thomas and Ann. Captain Thomas Laraman [born 18.08 son of William and Ann Laraman [Nee Goodchild] was married to Ann Sparrow Nee Birchett] on 7th March 1931 and had issue as follows;

George William. Born 15.2.1832.  Baptised 27.02.1832.

Frances. Born 09.03.1834. Baptised 25.05.1834.  Buried 24.08.1837.

Philip Thomas. Born 17.11.1836.  Baptised 29.01.1837.  Died 19.02.1917.

Thomas.  Born 16.10.1838.  Baptised 20.01.1939.

Henry Birt.  Born 25.02.1841.  Baptised 24.03.1841.

Frederick.  Born 29.10.1842.  Baptised 11.12.1842.

Wallace.  Born  14.04.1845.   Baptised  02.07.1845.  Died  09.11.1922.

Edith Magdalene Sparrow.  Born 15.03.1847.  Baptised 07.04.1847.  Died 11.07.1906.

The above named children were all born at the Parish of Faversham in the county of Kent. They were all baptised at Saint Mary at Charity Faversham, where also their parents marrage took place.

Philip Thomas Laraman, third child of Thomas and Ann Laraman, born Faversham Kent on 17.11.1836., emigrated to New Zealand on th Sir George Seymore. He married Mary Ann Cox of Christchurch in 1865, and had issue as follow's; 

Alice Magdalene.  Born  20.06.1866.   Died 14.11.1947.

Frances Elizabeth.  Born 14.11.1868.   Died 22.09.1874.

Annie Mabel.   Born 26.06.1870.    Died  14.11.1918.

Plilip Ethelbert.  Born 08.11.1871.   Died 28.09.1915.

Thomas Henry Cox.  Born 16.11.1873.  Died 09.10.1927.

Francis William Pryor.  Born 20.10.1875.  Died 27.11.1875.

Wallace William.  Born 29.11.1876.  Died 27.12.1961.

Frederick.  Born 04.03.1879.    Died 02.06.1957.

Ethel Mary.  Born 22.12.1881.   Died 04.2.1905.

Elsie Gwendoline.  Born 30.7.1884.  Died 05.01.1960.

Walter Stanley.  Born 19.09.1886.   Died 17.09.1968.

Margery Millicent.  Born 01.01.1889.   Died 13.03.1969.

Evelyn Constance.  Born 13.06.1890   Died 20.05.1919.

Plilip at the age of 13 met Mr Alfred Lake who was needing a boy to accompany him to New Zealand. Arrangements were made at short notice. His age given on the shipping list as 18 so presumably his age was advanced to qualify as an assisted immigrant. he celebrated his 14th birthday a month prior to his arrival.

Mr Lake and Mr J.F.Parkinson commenced a letter and parcel service between Lyttelton andChristchurch and had a stable at the foot of the Bridle Path. Philip worked for them carrying mail on horse back. he worked for Mr

Lake for many year's and was present when Mckenzie, the renowned sheep steeler was arrested at Mr Lakes sheep station. He worked on many big sheep stations and was renowned as an expert fencer and shearer. In 1856 his younger brother Wallace arrived on the Joseph Fletcher, he was only 11yrs old. it is assumed that Philip payed for Wallace to come to N.Z. His Mother Ann and Sister Edith arrived on the Matoaka in 1860. He farmed land at Templeton and stayed ther until he travlled to Rakaia in 1878. He owned land at Rakaia and worked in the surrounding district for the remainder of his life. He died 19.02.1917.at Rakaia.

POSTED BY: Jean Laraman : January 28, 2007
A portrait of Phillip Thomas Laraman was inexistence and hias been "lost" somewhere between the Christchurch Museum and the Pioneer Society. If anyone can lfind this portrait please contact Jean Laraman at jemala@xtra.co.nz