William Storer
The Randolph

Original information:
Edward and Ann Storer migrated with three children under four, including William (2). They came from Kingsbury, in Warwickshire. They spent a year in Lyttelton, then moved to Woolston, where they leased 50 acres on Ferry Road. They then bought 87 acres on Kaiapoi Island for £522, partly paid for by a bumper crop of onions.

William married Florence Augusta Mason in 1874. He moved to Bennetts, where he farmed 50 acres freehold and 240 acres leasehold.

Readers' response:
Edward’s occupation was noted as farmer or labourer. Ann Storer died in 1896 at Kaiapoi, aged 75, and Edward died at his residence at Peraki Street, Kaiapoi, in 1900, aged 76. The couple had 15 children, three of whom died young.1


1:Colin Price, unpublished family history


POSTED BY: Louisa Storer : November 08, 2006

William Storer was the eldest son of Edwardsnr and Ann, he celebrated his 4th birthday on the Randolph. The other sons were Thomas,aged 2 and Edward inf. Thomas died in 1929 at Kaiapoi, he never married. Edwardinf drowned  in 1853, in a well,.on the leased propety were the family were residing in Ferry Rd. Edwardsnr and Ann had a family of 14, 7  born at Ferry Rd and 3 at Kaiapoi One of them a twin was named Edward(I note him as Edwardjnr......my great-grandfather)

It would seem that Thomas didnt attend the 1900 reunion but there are photos of him at the 1925 reunion.

Intenisve research has been done on the family,a reunion was held December 2000, and a  family history .book was published in 2002

POSTED BY: Sarndra Lees : October 02, 2008

Biography of William STORER and his wife nee Miss MASON in Cyclopedia of New Zealand, Canterbury volume, page 482 with a nice portrait of both.