Elizabeth Dale Howell (nee Waghorn)
The Randolph

Original information:
This is Elizabeth Dale Waghorn, born on voyage. Arthur and Louisa Waghorn came from Gravesend, Kent. He had worked on the Thames on a barge belonging to Richard Fleming. The Flemings came out as “passengers’’ on the Randolph and the Waghorns came as immigrants, no doubt sponsored by the Flemings. They had two girls (8 and 1). Elizabeth was born on board and given the middle name Dale, after the captain.The Flemings took up land at Port Levy and the Waghorns worked for them for a year. Then Arthur joined his brother-in-law in buying a few acres at Little Akaloa. His name was Toby Green and he was married to Betsy Dale, so the property was called Greendale. Arthur eventually took over the property and a further 50 acres. He eventually owned 1000 acres.

As early as 1853 he had a small steel windmill to grind his wheat − he claimed it was the first windmill in Canterbury. He brought the first cow to Little Akaloa.
Elizabeth Dale Waghorn (1850-1937) married Ethelbert Thomas Howell on August 21, 1877, at Little Akaloa Church. The couple had at least three children. He died in 1926, aged 77, and is buried in Springston.

Elizabeth died in November 1937, aged 87, in Lincoln.