Sarah Elizabeth Rapley (nee Woodford)
The Randolph

Original information:
This is Sarah Elizabeth Woodford. Richard (1808-1886) and Ann Woodford were millers. In partnership with W. T. Stevens, Richard built a mill on the spot where the Carlton Mill Bridge now stands. It was known as the Avon Mill until the Carlton Hotel was built.

Richard went to Kaiapoi in 1855 and built the Drain Road Flour Mill. In 1867 he built a new steam mill on Charles Street on the Kaiapoi River bank − he built and installed the machinery himself. In 1869 he became bankrupt. He was a member of the Provincial Council and the Kaiapoi Borough Council.

Sarah Elizabeth Woodford married Joseph Jesse Rapley in the Wesleyan Church in Kaiapoi on January 1, 1874. Joseph Rapley was a Methodist preacher.


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Sarah Elizabeth Woodford     born 30.6.1848 Brighstone,

                                         Isle of Wight, England 

                                         bpt    6.8.1848

                                         died 10.12.1928 Christchurch NZ


Joseph Jesse Rapley            bpt 6.8.1848 Ockley, 

                                        Surrey, England

                                        died 10.9.1911 Christchurch NZ


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Buried at Linwood Cemetery Block 33 Plot 113