Abigail Moffett (nee Rotheray)
The Randolph

Original information:
This is Abigail Rotheray (1831-1906). She was on the passenger list of the Sir George Seymour, a late embarkation. There is no evidence that she travelled on the Randolph. In December 1851, she married John Parsons Lee, a chief cabin passenger on the Randolph. Their son, John Parsons Lee, was born on February 10, 1854. By June 1857, when she married Jennings Moffett, she was a widow


POSTED BY: Bill Hurford : November 10, 2006
Correct spelling of name is Rothery.She came from Cumberland and could have been related to my great grandfather Henry Rothery who came to Canterbury in 1864.Our family had contact with the Moffet's at one stage.Her first husband Lee was descibed as a gentleman on the marriage entry--he died soon after their marriage which produced a son