Emma Suzannah Rhodes (nee Chaney)
The Randolph

Original information:
(See Randolf Chaney.) This is Emma Suzannah Chaney (17; 1832-1928). She married Alfred Rhodes, a boatman, in Lyttelton in January 1853. In 1862 they got land at Leithfield and became farmers, and he bought grain and seed. They had at least 12 children.


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(nee Susannah CHANEY, who emigrated in the "Randolph", 1850)

We had not been long in Port when Mr Samuel Manson, who lived at the head of the bay, came to the township to engage a domestic servant, and I took the position at 10s a week. I thought that my fortune was made, as for such a place at Home the weekly wage was half a crown. I went across to the head of the bay in a whaleboat, and when we arrived there the tide was out, and there was a big expanse of mudflats. I was taken ashore on a sledge drawn by two bullocks. There was a tub lashed to the sledge, and to this a seat was fixed. Manson's was the first farm I ever saw in my life.

The Manson's home was just one big room partitioned off into apartments. Mr and Mrs Manson were very nice people indeed. Mrs Manson, a lovely big Scotswoman, came out from Scotland with the Deans family. They landed in Wellington, but after the big earthquake there came down to the bays, the Deans later going further afield to Riccarton. There were three families at the head of the Bay when I went there - the Mansons, the Gebbies and the McQueens. There was some beautiful bush at the bay then, and plenty of native birds. I have seen Mr Manson go into the bush on a Sunday and return with two wild pigs on the sledge and the muzzle of his gun loaded with native pigeons - fine plump birds the size of a young pullet.

I remember, when at Manson's, a Maori came along one day with a whale's jawbone, which he wanted to sell. I don't know that anybody wanted particularly to buy the jawbone of a whale, but the Maori was persistent in trying to make a sale, so Mrs Manson at last gave him a shilling. The Maori looked at the coin. "No te good! No te good!" he told Mrs Manson. "Bigger money! Bigger money!" So Mrs Manson took the shilling back, and gave the Maori a penny. He took the copper gleefully, and went away quite happy.

I stayed with the Mansons twelve months, when I decided to return home to Lyttelton.


[From a Newspaper cutting contained in NZ Collection, Canterbury Public Library, Scrapbook]


NB The Randolph arrived at Lyttelton 16 Dec 1850. Among passengers were Wm George CHANEY, 47, stonemason, Sarah, 42, John 11, Charlotte 8, Elizabeth 4, Joseph 2, William, stonemason 18, and Emma*, domestic servant, 17.

* Emma Susannah CHANEY married Alfred RHODES at Holy Trinity Church, Lyttelton, in 1853.


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Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury volume]

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