Edwin G Philpott
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Edwin Philpott (1844-1922) bought a farm at Loburn. On his death he left a widow, three sons and two daughters. Descendant Geoffrey Philpott is a farmer at Loburn. One grandson of Edwin (Gilbert Edwin Philpott) is still living and resides in Dunedin.


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Brother of my Gt Grandmother Annie Bones (b ChCh 1855) . Unlike her he was born in Kent 1844 so would be about six yrs age on journey from England.

Loburn – Raithby Methodist - 132 Chapel Road.

Theorganising of peoples to come anfd go is seen in this example of Bishop Selwyns  and now the little wooden parish Church for the Bishop in Auckland (Anglican) at the suburb of Parnell where my relatives lived some years back and in early times . The Reverend Benjamin Wooley Dudley is a minister on the Cressy.

Previously Reverend W C Dudley had been a minister at the Parnell church  and had suffered terribly within himself and by his overseers, having a number of breakdowns. His wife Elizabeth Wells died in 1845 and is buried at the Parnell Church which looks out to sea or over to Devonport and Judges bay. This Rev Dudley was sent back to England and supposedley was left without pension. So arises our Rev Dudley on the Cressy and by 1864 Rev Dudley is a Bishop figure at Parnell in Auckland. Mr Wells owned number 1 Domain Drive    Auckland  and  is this domain that contains the beautiful War Memorial Museum in such beautiful surroundings that the English poet laureate of the pre 1900 period said of Auckland  that it was the most beautiful city in the world. The Dobsons are on the Cressy with Rev Dudley and much later RTev Dobson in 1968-9 would ask me whether they should build the new Anglican cathedral on the old parnell tennis courts. He was the parish vicar and oversaw the Bishops residense and hostel as their vicar. The church had to be built according to an old ladies plan of red bricks. This copied the Catholic Church in part at Red Hill Brisbane Queensland. This similarity of churches among the faiths is not knew , for example the second most important Anglican Church in Brisbane is St Andrews at old South Brisbane . This Church is the same as the catholic Church in almost every detail at North Hobart tasmania. The place where the future Queen of Denmark would meet and suit her King  being Mary. The Catholic Church as early as the 1960,s had danish style wood images of eg the Holy Ghost a bird. Much history is missed , and one of the most important is that all and I mean all including Hone Heke had to stay their time at the town (now suburb) of Blacktown. Over 90 percent of important persons to and from new Zealand like Gray and Wakefield and the important Reverends of differing faiths including Selwyn  had a process of going through Blacktown. This is poorly recorded in New Zealand History and needs to be recognised.

This church in Chapel Road, North Loburn, opened in 1866. It was the result of a remarkable effort by a mere handful of settlers at a time when residentfreeholders were few in number. David Pattrick was its founder, with the aid of Messrs Hodgson, Free, Philpott, and Howard. It was named after RaithbyHall in Lincolnshire at Pattrick’s request. The site included a cemetery.The building was shifted in 1966 to Journey’s End camp in Loburn for use asa Chapel, and the site sold. These names and others listed  are known to me in their descendants who have attended such places as Mt Albert Grammar in Auckland.